Bow ties, Levis, and Dreamy Eyes

I can’t even begin to tell you how I would love to switch places with Lisa, the mom of these boys.  Three boys!  It is the complete opposite of what I have.  Just to be a fly on the wall in her house would be exciting.  Never a dull moment for this mom and dad.Continue reading “Bow ties, Levis, and Dreamy Eyes”

Strolling the Orange Groves of La Verne

We met on a crisp late fall morning, at one of the cutest little vintage homesteads ever.  What you can clearly see while looking through these pictures is love.  The love of a daddy’s girl, the love of a between a mother and daughter, the love between two protective older brothers with their baby sister.  ThisContinue reading “Strolling the Orange Groves of La Verne”

And Baby Makes 4

  I have never met a dog with so many facial expressions….ever.  Bella the white fur dog literally had so many expressions I was amazed.  I didn’t even post a quarter of them!   This little family has a big surprise coming soon… a new baby!  Big sister is ready and mom & dad areContinue reading “And Baby Makes 4”

The Love of a Close Family

    This family was actually 3 families that wanted a great picture of the grandkids with their beloved pets.  Any family that asks if they can bring their pets to a session of mine is a special family indeed! This family knows how to love… they love their parents, pets, grandmother, and each other!Continue reading “The Love of a Close Family”

The Luckiest Little Boy in Town

This little one has made so many people so very happy!  He has been wished for, prayed for, and loved on before anyone has set eyes on him.  The love and faith taking place within this house is unmeasurable.  These first time parents have been mom and dad to many fur babies, but now theyContinue reading “The Luckiest Little Boy in Town”