Halloween Magic Traveler’s Notebook Page

The first day of Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resorts is a big deal. Like take the day off work, plan an outfit, big deal. It’s the first official day that all of the Halloween offerings begins. The seasonal merchandise, the themed food, the outrageous desserts, and the Halloween photo opportunities. I took my firstContinue reading “Halloween Magic Traveler’s Notebook Page”

Desert Vibes for the Summer

Road trips are to be had this summer! I think one of the most quintessential summer vacations is to be had at the desert. Think Palm Springs for a minute… bright colors of the homes, the lifestyle, the sparkling pools, against that desert sand backdrop. Or what about Joshua Tree, or Death Valley? Those mutedContinue reading “Desert Vibes for the Summer”

Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World? Finding the right Hotel for You

You have decided to visit Disney World, what now? Where do you begin? First thing first! What time of the year will you be going? What is your budget going to be? Once you have decided those two things, you are ready to begin! If you are not use to humidity, Florida’s summers can beContinue reading “Planning a Trip to Walt Disney World? Finding the right Hotel for You”

Handmade Cards are Truly a Work of Art

The combination of brands that are being combined to make these works of art is genius! Long gone are the days of sticking to one brand for creating a whole card. Now, creators are putting together scenes with one brand, using characters from another brand, and adding texture with another. If the scale is right,Continue reading “Handmade Cards are Truly a Work of Art”