Have a day to explore Chicago and you want to do all the touristy things you can?  Here is a quick tourist guide to help you with your day!  Print this out and keep it handy!  They great part is you can cut out all the icons and use them in your memory keeping.  Happy […]


The Bags I Travel With

We all have to start somewhere right?  Why not with the bags you travel with!  First off, I never leave home without my Tumi carry on.  It fits all my outfits, shoes, and cosmetic bags with room for shopping.  How does this magic happen? With a Tumi you can pack your items on both sides […]


Baby Soul

You know when someone just has a good soul?  When they are destined for miracles?  That is pretty much this gal right here.  I was a tad nervous photographing this most intimate time in her life, for one she is a fellow admired photographer and two big brother is pretty much hugging a tiny miracle […]