About me

This is me and the huba huba husband….oh and probably our best works of art, our daughters.

The smile you see on my face is for real, literally it is there all the time.

I get super excited with every single inquiry that comes to me, I cannot wait to plan some sort of memorable photography experience with you.  And after that experience you get the pictures to document just how much fun you had with me.

I am a natural light lifestyle photographer.

I am pretty much up for any location, any idea, anywhere.

I have been know to play the harmonica during your shoot (no one said I played good but I play anyway)

I was able to tie my photography  expertise with my other work in the Scrapbook/Craft Industry by photographing creative people in their studios,  or documenting craft events.

I also photograph creative creations for catalog work, websites, or marketing.

I have done everything in the craft industry from sales, design, and teaching, to consulting.  I am basically the swiss army knife of the craft industry.  I currently am working with the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo traveling the United States with this cutting edge convention.

You can get a tiny glimpse into my life by following me on Instagram!  Well maybe not tiny… not really a glimpse, you actually see everything!  What I am doing, what I am wearing, where I am hanging out, and most important what I am eating!!

I travel everywhere, I  am basically a traveling gypsy.  You name it I have probably have been there and can tell you where to eat.  Look at my schedule and see if I will be in your area.. you can reach me to set up a session or you can show me around your town!

I cannot wait to meet you over a smoothie!  Get in contact with me… it’s going to be super worth it,  I promise.

Oh and these awesome pictures were taken by my friend Evie of Eva Marie Photography.