Here’s the Scoop

HI!  I am Tina!


Welcome to my blog!

Here is where you will find articles on traveling, theme parks and crafting, sometimes at the same time!

I have been in the crafting industry for 17 years traveling the United States, teaching creative classes, hosting events, developing products, not to mention eating meals in almost every state.

Perhaps you are planing a trip somewhere and you have no idea where to eat.. I do! You know where you want to go but have no idea where to stay.. I know where!  Maybe you just like following along on my travels and have a question to ask… let me know!  My goal is to let you know all the details from my trips and to inspire you to plan a trip of your own.

I am located in sunny Southern California, where theme parks are pretty much in my backyard.  Frequent visitor to Disneyland and Universal Studios.  Daily updates from the theme parks can be found on my Instagram account @itsdisneygood.

You can get a tiny glimpse into my life by following me on Instagram!  Well maybe not tiny… not really a glimpse, you actually see everything!  What I am doing, what I am wearing, where I am hanging out, what stores you must visit, and most important what I am eating!!

I travel everywhere, I am basically a traveling wanderer.  You name it I have probably have been there and can tell you where to eat.

I cannot wait to meet you over a coffee or pina colada, I am big fans of them both.  Get in contact with me… it’s going to be super worth it,  I promise.

This is me and the huba huba husband….oh and probably our best works of art, our daughters.  Cliff and I do a lot of traveling just the two of us.. but the girls tend to tg a long for most of the trips!

The smile you see on my face is for real, literally it is there all the time.

Oh, and these awesome pictures were taken by my friend Evie, of Eva Marie Photography.




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