All Hallow’s Eve

  I always look forward to my Pumpkin Patch Sessions!  You never know what the family really wants until you are right there in the moment.  The kids all dressed up in their costumes taking on the personality of their character for the afternoon.  Are they going to be in full acting mode?  Are theyContinue reading “All Hallow’s Eve”

Baby Harper

This session was with one of the sweetest families ever.  While dad was at work on this warm September day this house of girls went to work, just being themselves.   Nothing makes a picture more real than being photographed in your own home with real emotion.  This entire session was shot in baby Harper’sContinue reading “Baby Harper”

4 Year Returners Etiwanda Cheer

  These girls are super special to me.  I have watched them cheer together for their high school for the past 4 years.  I have witnessed their awkward grins grow into confident smiles, their peppy personalities blossom into strong leaders, and their friendship bond strengthen.  Stay tuned for  whole session with the entire varsity cheer squad.Continue reading “4 Year Returners Etiwanda Cheer”

Strong Family Ties

This family has one of the sweetest family bonds ever!  They genuinely all love and care for each other.  I believe it has a little something to do with their faith in the Lord.  You know what they say… the family that prays together, gets along better, loves each other, has fun everywhere, cares forContinue reading “Strong Family Ties”

Boys will be Boys

  This pretty much is what every little boys shoot should look like!  Just a boy playing in the dirt… looking perfect!  This little guy was adorable, and is the son of another fellow photographer friend so the pressure was on!  He helped me nail it by being so darn irresistible!  Hope your photographer isContinue reading “Boys will be Boys”