The Luckiest Little Boy in Town

tina keyner webDSC_6775 webDSC_6809 webDSC_6818 webDSC_6846 webDSC_6866 webDSC_6881 webDSC_6904 webDSC_6921 webDSC_6993 webDSC_7052 webDSC_7060 webDSC_7132 webDSC_7161 webDSC_7199

This little one has made so many people so very happy!  He has been wished for, prayed for, and loved on before anyone has set eyes on him.  The love and faith taking place within this house is unmeasurable.  These first time parents have been mom and dad to many fur babies, but now they finally have a little bundle of joy that looks just like them!  10 perfect little toes, one button nose, blonde little eyelashes, and love in his heart,  Silas Grant is one lucky little fellow.

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