Just a Family and their Boo

  This session was special on so many different levels, where do I begin?  This family is an active, funny, animal loving bunch.  They love each other so much they even work out together.. yes they are crazy strong.  But lets take a minute and talk about their girls… Jordan and Boo.  They are bothContinue reading “Just a Family and their Boo”

And Baby Makes 4

  I have never met a dog with so many facial expressions….ever.  Bella the white fur dog literally had so many expressions I was amazed.  I didn’t even post a quarter of them!   This little family has a big surprise coming soon… a new baby!  Big sister is ready and mom & dad areContinue reading “And Baby Makes 4”

4 Year Returners Etiwanda Cheer

  These girls are super special to me.  I have watched them cheer together for their high school for the past 4 years.  I have witnessed their awkward grins grow into confident smiles, their peppy personalities blossom into strong leaders, and their friendship bond strengthen.  Stay tuned for  whole session with the entire varsity cheer squad.Continue reading “4 Year Returners Etiwanda Cheer”

Special Families = A Special kind of Love

Something has to be said for a friendship that is over 20 years old…  I met this wonderful lady long ago in school!  Years later my very own daughter was lucky enough to be in her class and have her as a teacher.  I have watched this special lady touch so many with her loveContinue reading “Special Families = A Special kind of Love”