Baby Soul

You know when someone just has a good soul?  When they are destined for miracles?  That is pretty much this gal right here.  I was a tad nervous photographing this most intimate time in her life, for one she is a fellow admired photographer and two big brother is pretty much hugging a tiny miracleContinue reading “Baby Soul”

Baby Harper

This session was with one of the sweetest families ever.  While dad was at work on this warm September day this house of girls went to work, just being themselves.   Nothing makes a picture more real than being photographed in your own home with real emotion.  This entire session was shot in baby Harper’sContinue reading “Baby Harper”

Sweet Baby Love

They don’t know what they are going to name their sweet baby boy.  They do know that they are madly in love with each other, they know they will be loving great parents, they know they are excited beyond words, they know they are ready to spoil him, they know that they have waited theirContinue reading “Sweet Baby Love”

Sweet Baby #2 Love

  Maternity sessions are some of my favorite sessions.  The excitement is easy to capture on camera, and there is no mistaking the love for one another.  Emotions that are genuine are best for capturing a memory.  There are no awkward smiles, no forced poses, just real feelings.  This happy couple was expecting baby numberContinue reading “Sweet Baby #2 Love”