Partner with Me

Are you a brand that would like to partner with me?

I am a lifestyle photographer. I am an idea creator. I am a social craft instructor.  I am a creative force.  Not to mention  I am quite funny, but that is a good thing right?

Do you want to collaborate on some genius crafty idea, yep I am your girl.  I have years of experience in the craft industry.  I have done everything in the industry from sales, design, and teaching, to consulting.  I am basically the Swiss army knife of the craft industry.

I was able to tie my photography expertise with my work in the craft industry by photographing creative people in their studios, or documenting crafty events.  I am a published photographer, being featured in magazines, catalogs, and television.

Are you a travel or lifestyle brand that would like to partner with me?  I have years of traveling experience as a couple and with adult aged children.  I am a photographer by trade and use the visual storytelling to communicate my story.

Please email at for questions about collaborations and partnering opportunities.

2 thoughts on “Partner with Me

  1. I was interested in booking a family session with package 1 for either the month of December or January.

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