And Baby Makes 4

valentina valentina1 valentina2 valentina4 valentina5 valentina6


I have never met a dog with so many facial expressions….ever.  Bella the white fur dog literally had so many expressions I was amazed.  I didn’t even post a quarter of them!


This little family has a big surprise coming soon… a new baby!  Big sister is ready and mom & dad are beside themselves with joy.  I know, I know, she probably gets tired of everyone telling her how tiny she is, and how she doesn’t even look pregnant… you would too right?  NOT!!!  I would be all over that!!  Tell me again how petite I am… those would be the words coming out of my mouth!  Lucky girl she is!


Somehow she manages to spread her love between her daughter, husband and those beloved fur babies… (that’s probably how she keeps in such great shape… spreading the love!) and yet still makes everyone feel like they are her #1.


Stay tuned for the sweetest gender reveal session from these two as well!

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