Baby Soul

You know when someone just has a good soul?  When they are destined for miracles?  That is pretty much this gal right here.  I was a tad nervous photographing this most intimate time in her life, for one she is a fellow admired photographer and two big brother is pretty much hugging a tiny miracleContinue reading “Baby Soul”

Little Boy Blue

This family has been blessing people with their friendship, the passion for animals, their love for the Lord, and supplying us with hands down the best chicken ever!! (Oh and Chick-fil-A sauce!!!).  In return God blessed them with the best gift of all… a son!  He is the happiest baby, and not just at certainContinue reading “Little Boy Blue”

Like Mother Like Daughter

Like mother like daughter… this dynamic duo is just meant to be.  They are the perfect example of family love. When you watch them interact with each other you see kindness, gentleness, respect, and admiration towards one another.  They have a special bond these two and it’s only going to blossom into something more specialContinue reading “Like Mother Like Daughter”

Just a Family and their Boo

  This session was special on so many different levels, where do I begin?  This family is an active, funny, animal loving bunch.  They love each other so much they even work out together.. yes they are crazy strong.  But lets take a minute and talk about their girls… Jordan and Boo.  They are bothContinue reading “Just a Family and their Boo”

A Star named Little Miss D

I met Jonathan and Brittany one afternoon for a session… out of the car pops the most angelic little girl ever; and then she spoke.  Oh my goodness she is awesome.  Little Miss D kept me entertained throughout the whole session.  She had tips for me, poses she wanted to do, stories to tell, jokesContinue reading “A Star named Little Miss D”