A Star named Little Miss D

tina keyner tina keyner tina keyner tina keyner tina keyner

I met Jonathan and Brittany one afternoon for a session… out of the car pops the most angelic little girl ever; and then she spoke.  Oh my goodness she is awesome.  Little Miss D kept me entertained throughout the whole session.  She had tips for me, poses she wanted to do, stories to tell, jokes to be told, directions for mom and dad, and more.  She is a sensation and she doesn’t even know it.  To be young and adventurous… you just can’t teach personality.  This kid had the makings of a star, gorgeous looks, an energetic personality, and boy can she twirl!!!  Families like this make sessions feel more like playdates.  Keep twirling Miss D, you are going to rise right up to the top!!

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