Aloha Paper Crafts

Who isn’t missing the Hawaiian Islands right about now?  I am!  The next best thing to being on the beach sipping a tropical drink with my toes in the sand is creating with some island themed paper goods!


A few items is all you need.  Grab some items from your craft stash and lets see what you can make!  All you need is some stamps, ink, ephemera, and stickers!


These simple tags were really easy to make.  I stamped in various shades of green ink some tropical leaves on cardstock.  I fussy cut the leaves out, for layering purposes I used some dimensional foam adhesive.  The depth and dimension really add to your project.  Allowing yourself to play with shades of one color also add to that depth.  When you cannot add dimension through height, play with your color combinations to give that illusion of depth.


You do not have to reinvent the wheel when creating a card.  You can think on a small level like a tag… and just make it bigger on a card scale. For this card  I stamped some leaves on the background paper (is is my first layer of dimension), I added some of the tropical leaves I fussy cut out for the tag project.  Using the dimensional foam adhesive I started to arrange the leaves in a pattern I wanted.  You can see by the shadows just how much depth there is in between each piece.


After arranging the leaves in a pattern that I loved, I added stickers and ephemera to the project.  Find an arrangement that brings your eye to the center.  I used color to attract the eye.  I kept the background designs all one color, even though there are different depths to each piece, it doesn’t distract because of the same shade of green that was used throughout the background.    By using the pop of color in the center it brings your eye to the stickers and ephemera.  IMG_1191

Don’t forget about the middle of your card.  I like to add my sentiment there.  To mimic the ocean breeze I used an “Action Wobble Mini Action Spring” from Hampton Arts on the Mahalo hand sign.  When you open the card it springs into action like its waving “Mahalo” to you!  I stamped the two tropical leaves, cut them out and placed them flush on the paper.  The action spring already has adhesive on it, one side goes on your paper and the other side your design goes on.  It add the perfect amount of fun to a card!


For this card I used the same technique with another shade of green ink.  I wanted a more pastel green since the center piece I was going to use was more along that pastel color family.  I once again placed my paper pieces of leaves and added dimension when adding my center piece.


This perfect Hawaiian Islands postage stamp is adorable.  I just love the way it pops on this card!  I have about a million more ways I want to use it!


These tags are perfect for gift wrapping, on party favors, as gift card holders, or in your card making.  The cards are easy to make.  A little layer goes a long way the you are designing. I hope you now have a few ideas of how to use and layer your items on projects.  Have fun creating!


Supplies List:

Cardstock – Michaels

Ink – Stamps of Life

Stamp- Social Paper Plan, Close to My Heart

Ephemera – Social Paper Plan

Stickers – Social Paper Plan

Misc. – Action Wobblers ( I linked Art Impression brand) – Hampton Art, Tag- Staples, Dimensional Adhesive

Foodie Stamping

Dreaming about your next dream vacation?  How can we not help but browse the internet for somewhere dreamy?  Not sure about you, but I become a professional foodie when I go on vacation.  Instead of my memory planner looking like a memory planner, it would look like a Yelp page with all the food pictures! I have a creative way to document all the good food you eat on vacation.  I am using all of the Hawaii  food themed stamps from our shop Social Paper Plan  along with some simple supplies that you most likely have on hand already.


First Tip: Stamp a colorful background!  I used some bright ink in various colors to make a background pattern that would compliment the picture of shave ice.  The best parts you don’t have to color the stamps in with markers.. just stamp away in different colors!

Second Tip: Make a simple foodie list to rate your plates!  I stamped some of our food icons and colored them in with markers.  I used them as bullet points and then journaled my thoughts about each dish.  Its like your very own Yelp review!

Third Tip: I used the Shrimp Truck icon as a journal card header.  At the top of the card I stamped a header of trucks.  It’s simple but it brings the whole design together.


FourthTip: Layer your stickers on top of your stamps!  Stamps and stickers are friends!  I used  a couple of our stamps to make a background in more muted colors and then layered some bright stickers on top!  They don’t compete because the stickers were meant to stand out.  Hawaii is deserving of a whole page dedicated to their tropical drinks. Am I right or am I RIGHT????

Fifth Tip: Stamp and cut out your icons!  My background card was yellow so I used a yellow ink to stamp the pineapples… I wanted the pattern to be subtle. I wanted the picture to take center stage. To bring it all together I stamp a pineapple and cut it out and placed it over the picture. Just a simple way to tie it all together.

Have I not convinced you to be stamper?  Pattern paper is always there to help you out!  When in doubt… print it out! Digital paper is readily available at your fingertips!

Hope I inspired you to use your stamps in some creative ways.  I think they are some of the most creative verstile tools in your arsenal.  You can use stamps a million times and always come out with a million different designs!


Happy crafting!

Documenting The Chicago Planner Conference in my Memory Keeping Planner

I am just coming off of one of my favorite planner conferences ever!  The Chicago Planner Conference in Chicago.   If you are considering attending a planner conference this is the one for you! It is so well planned and executed, I knew I wanted to document every single day I was there! And in more places than one! On the back of the Chicago Planner Conference postcard/dashbaord I designed for my tablemates,  I adhered some fun pictures of Friday night.  I punched them both in my Happy Planner punch and placed it in my planner.

I love journaling as much as I can in my memory keeping planner…. sometimes there just isn’t enough room!  My favorite thing to journal on is library cards! It’s perfect for quick little facts. If I don’t need the room to use both the front and the back, I add pictures on the backside!
It’s the perfect place to add a few more pictures!

Now the pink paper that says “Slay the Day”, I knew I had to use with my pictures with the two biggest hustlers ever.. Jenise and Claudia!  They along with a team of others are the backbone of the conference! The pink paper was a full size Happy Planner Paper that I cut down to size for what I needed.  I cropped it down to a 4×6, punched it, added my pictures, stickers and journaled on it.

I sat at the most colorful sparkly table ever by Craftielicious!  I printed the pictures from my table at 4×6 on my Canon Selphy printer and adhered it to the back of the pink journal paper.

I always size my pictures down.. they do not need to be big all the time.  One the front side of this little tip-in insert I have a picture of me and my friend Christine.  I added some cute stickers and it was perfect!
This is the other side of the small picture of me and Christine… I printed a table picture and a picture of Amber from Damask Love.  I always leave a white boarder on my pictures. I just love the way the boarder frames the picture.

Because I am a documenter, I save all the travel things!!!!  Here I included my train ticket (your girl here walked from the Harold Washington Library to the hotel.. if you know you KNOW!) and my boarding pass.  I actually got off the train early.. it was a pretty day and my flight was a bit long, the walk did me some good!

I didn’t have to do anything special to my boarding pass but trim it down a smidge, and punch it for my planner.

The back of my boarding pass I use as a receipt holder.  Everything I buy, if I get a receipt goes in this pocket.

I always keep my hotel key, and utilize the key card holder as well. If you follow me on Instagram you can see how I use the key card holder to help me organize my travel things. You can find that post here.  I added some paper to the side of the key card holder, punched it and added the pocket to my planner.  It holds the key perfect and the business card of the places I ate as well.

And then that leads to the only original page in my planner that was not added in! Lots of stickers and stamps! Now this is how I document my trips in my Happy Planner.  But I do have another way I document my trips in the now..

This is my Wanderlust Passport, it travels with me everywhere.  It has a soft cover and is light weight!  It’s easy just to journal everyday and input pictures in it later.  I will put a post it in place of a pictures.. I pretty much know the size of the picture I will print out so its easy to leave room and work around that space.

It has specific prompts to help you with the factual stuff, ad then it allows you to be free!

I put stickers and any other memento I want to remember in there.

This was a sticker I made for Chicago Planner Conference to pass out as my swaps! And next to it is the tag that was on the swag bag from Shine Sticker Studio that they gifted us on the last day.

It is the perfect book to break free from all the rules, and just document.

If you want to learn more about the Wanderlust Passport you can check them out here.

Hope you enjoyed just a couple of the ways I like to document my events and travels!  Please consider attending this fabulous event next year!   If you would like to follow along more of my travel and how I document it please follow along on Instagram here.



Vegan eating at Bengal Barbeque in Disneyland

Disneyland is slowly but surely making it easier to find vegan options, and surprise they are not just salads!  With more people turning to a plant based lifestyle, finding meals inside Disneyland has become a lot easier!  8FD9D655-6365-4071-85A4-E72180589A43

Bengal Barbecue is a favorite of mine for a quick snack or a full meal.  Their Outback Vegetable skewer is seasoned perfectly and roasted over an open flame for a smokey flavor.  It is a great eat on the go snack.. AKA eat it while standing in line for the Indiana Jones ride!  At $4.49 it is a great steal.

Now if you are thinking.. I am so hungry I am going to need to eat 10 of those skewers  .. consider ordering the Bengal Rice Plate for $16.99.  You pick two skewers of your choice and they are served on a bed of Jasmine Rice along with a Citrus Miso Slaw, for $16.99. 

Annual Passholders you will be delighted to know they accept the food discount!  TIP:  They also have a seasonal trio of hummus and vegetables on the menu for $6.49! 


What drink can wash a meal like that down?  The Jungle Julep!  Its a mixtures of the slush of pineapple, orange, grape and lemon juice!  Colorful straw, orange slice, and a drink umbrella??  Yes, it’s an Instagram worthy drink.  Sweet, but tasty!


Now if you are at the park with meat eaters.. they can eat here too!  They have pork belly skewers, chicken skewers, bacon wrapped asparagus skewers and more!  A little something for everyone.

Bengal Barbecue, Adventureland – Disneyland.  Follow along on Instagram at Itsdisneygood for more great Disney content.

Valentine’s Day Crafted Gifts

If the holiday is not in your planner already… are you even ready for it?  I had a big reminder for me that Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching.  Who could not be excited for the big day when you get to see this colorful  reminder every time you open your planner!


I have nieces of all ages, and one Godson to break up the all girl mix.  Alexa, my niece is a preteen.. I can’t really get away with giving her anything to cutesy anymore.  I packed this bag to the brim with some cute Kawaii stickers from Sweet Kawaii Designs and a box of Bertie Botts jellybeans because she is a huge Harry Potter Fan.  I decorated a bag topper with a doily from Michaels, a tag from my stash, and some hot pink cord from Home Depot, (the cord has lasted me years!! ).


Now for the babies. I wanted to do something special.  The Target Dollar Spot has always done me right… they just really get us crafters now!  Years ago I had bought some of these tin mini mailboxes for my own girls for Valentine’s Day.  I had always wished I had stocked up on them because they are just so darn cute.  This year Target had them in their Dollar Spot section.  I bought the last three they had.. literally the last three.  I added their name with stickers in the front to personalize each one.


They really are a perfect size for wrapping a small gift inside, using it as a gift card holder, or if your a crafter who attends events like me… think tablemate gifts filled to the brim!


I filled the babies’ mailboxes to the brim with brightly colored handmade Valentine’s Day cards. One of my fondest memories of childhood was receiving Valentines!  I wanted them to experience a bunch of handmade cards made just for them.


The colorful rainbow tags were from Target as well.  They were in the Dollar Spot and came with teal twine. I always (unfortunately) take a gander through the Dollar Spot for some gems that can be diamonds in the rough on some projects.  I used to enter Target through the garden section way back when just to purposely avoid the Dollar Spot!  Too bad they don’t have that anymore… I might be saving thousands if they did!


I hope you take a second look at Target’s Dollar Spot… you might not need anything right now… but if you wait until later it most likely won’t be there! When everything is around a dollar hardly ever do I see someone just buying one of anything.  Hope you were able to make some colorful crafts that made you smile when you looked at them!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Valentine Snail Mail

Who doesn’t love a little happy mail?  Imagine this, opening up your mail box and pushing aside all of the boring junk mail and bills to see a perfectly decorated letter.  Yes, that is what I call “happy mail”!


Adding some color to both the outside of the envelope as well as the inside is key to making a fun card or letter.


Can you imagine opening up an envelope of pure joy?


Sending something as simple as stickers, a card, a postcard, a gift card  anything that will make someone smile.


You can buy some ready made note cards and just layer on top of them if you don’t want to make card bases from scratch.


Stickers have always been one of the easiest embellishments to work with.  You don’t need any adhesive, they are ready to go!  Stick them on any paper surface and watch your designs come to life.


Die-cuts or ephemera are my next favorite embellishments to use!  You can buy a pack of them, cut them out of other greeting cards you receive, clip them out of calendars, draw them yourself, or print them out from your computer! Sometimes you will find them in a paper form, a thick cardstock form, chipboard, or even a paper thin frosted velum.  I use them all!


You do not have to be a designer, an artist, or a professional crafter to make one of these happy mail creations.  Stickers, and ephemera are found in the most common places now!  The Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Spot, Stationery stores, Etsy, and you can even print them right from your home computer!


Maybe you’re not ready to make a full blown card for anyone… consider alerting a gift card to start with! This creation was gifted to me by a friend and I think its just adorable!  I have been using is as a book marker!  Something so simple can cause the biggest smile!


Try gathering some things together, and start a “Happy Mail Box” filled with things you can decorate an envelope with or better yet, make your own cards from.   Happy snail mail decorating!