Handmade Cards are Truly a Work of Art

The combination of brands that are being combined to make these works of art is genius! Long gone are the days of sticking to one brand for creating a whole card. Now, creators are putting together scenes with one brand, using characters from another brand, and adding texture with another.

If the scale is right, go for it! Stamps that would otherwise be used in journals, planners, bujos, or memory keeping are now pairing well with characters from many beloved stamp brands made for cards. If the perportions are correct, its game on!

Like a game of paper dolls, dressing adorable critters have become all the rage. Everyone loves a cute bear frolicking in the forest, but now you can make that cute bear at Disneyland, on Main Street eating a churro!

Veronica Zamora from @daisyludesigns created this slimline card featuring a bear stamp set from Lawn Fawn and accents stamps from Social Paper Plan.

Mari from @alittlesomethingfromme on Instagram created this work of art with character stamps from Kindred Stamps and accent stamps from Social Paper Plan. The two paired well together for this birthday card.

Jenn from @cre8iveli on Instagram created not one, not two, not even three, but four scenes on one slimline card for the next spotlight. Using critter stamps from Mama Elephant and scene stamps from Social Paper Plan she made the perfect theme park day scenic card. Pandas, kitties, sloths, and bunnies are all pretty cute on their own, I think we can agree on that. But place those animals in front of Disney rides and we have taken our love for them to a whole new level. I mean really… a panda and a sloth riding the teacups, just precious!

Long gone are the days of being exclusively brand loyal on one card. Sure, sometimes it just works out that you don’t have to use any other stamps from any other companies to make your card, you have all you need in one stop! On the other hand when you start to combine forces with stamps from everyone to make one masterpiece, it really comes alive! You have then created a unique handmade design like no other.

Thank you to our three card artist who take the time to create these works of art for us, but most importantly thank you for sharing them with us! Your creations have inspired many others as well. Veronica, Mari, and Jenn, you are all creatively brilliant!

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