Foodie Stamping

Dreaming about your next dream vacation?  How can we not help but browse the internet for somewhere dreamy?  Not sure about you, but I become a professional foodie when I go on vacation.  Instead of my memory planner looking like a memory planner, it would look like a Yelp page with all the food pictures! I have a creative way to document all the good food you eat on vacation.  I am using all of the Hawaii  food themed stamps from our shop Social Paper Plan  along with some simple supplies that you most likely have on hand already.


First Tip: Stamp a colorful background!  I used some bright ink in various colors to make a background pattern that would compliment the picture of shave ice.  The best parts you don’t have to color the stamps in with markers.. just stamp away in different colors!

Second Tip: Make a simple foodie list to rate your plates!  I stamped some of our food icons and colored them in with markers.  I used them as bullet points and then journaled my thoughts about each dish.  Its like your very own Yelp review!

Third Tip: I used the Shrimp Truck icon as a journal card header.  At the top of the card I stamped a header of trucks.  It’s simple but it brings the whole design together.


FourthTip: Layer your stickers on top of your stamps!  Stamps and stickers are friends!  I used  a couple of our stamps to make a background in more muted colors and then layered some bright stickers on top!  They don’t compete because the stickers were meant to stand out.  Hawaii is deserving of a whole page dedicated to their tropical drinks. Am I right or am I RIGHT????

Fifth Tip: Stamp and cut out your icons!  My background card was yellow so I used a yellow ink to stamp the pineapples… I wanted the pattern to be subtle. I wanted the picture to take center stage. To bring it all together I stamp a pineapple and cut it out and placed it over the picture. Just a simple way to tie it all together.

Have I not convinced you to be stamper?  Pattern paper is always there to help you out!  When in doubt… print it out! Digital paper is readily available at your fingertips!

Hope I inspired you to use your stamps in some creative ways.  I think they are some of the most creative verstile tools in your arsenal.  You can use stamps a million times and always come out with a million different designs!


Happy crafting!

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