Documenting The Chicago Planner Conference in my Memory Keeping Planner

I am just coming off of one of my favorite planner conferences ever!  The Chicago Planner Conference in Chicago.   If you are considering attending a planner conference this is the one for you! It is so well planned and executed, I knew I wanted to document every single day I was there! And in more places than one! On the back of the Chicago Planner Conference postcard/dashbaord I designed for my tablemates,  I adhered some fun pictures of Friday night.  I punched them both in my Happy Planner punch and placed it in my planner.

I love journaling as much as I can in my memory keeping planner…. sometimes there just isn’t enough room!  My favorite thing to journal on is library cards! It’s perfect for quick little facts. If I don’t need the room to use both the front and the back, I add pictures on the backside!
It’s the perfect place to add a few more pictures!

Now the pink paper that says “Slay the Day”, I knew I had to use with my pictures with the two biggest hustlers ever.. Jenise and Claudia!  They along with a team of others are the backbone of the conference! The pink paper was a full size Happy Planner Paper that I cut down to size for what I needed.  I cropped it down to a 4×6, punched it, added my pictures, stickers and journaled on it.

I sat at the most colorful sparkly table ever by Craftielicious!  I printed the pictures from my table at 4×6 on my Canon Selphy printer and adhered it to the back of the pink journal paper.

I always size my pictures down.. they do not need to be big all the time.  One the front side of this little tip-in insert I have a picture of me and my friend Christine.  I added some cute stickers and it was perfect!
This is the other side of the small picture of me and Christine… I printed a table picture and a picture of Amber from Damask Love.  I always leave a white boarder on my pictures. I just love the way the boarder frames the picture.

Because I am a documenter, I save all the travel things!!!!  Here I included my train ticket (your girl here walked from the Harold Washington Library to the hotel.. if you know you KNOW!) and my boarding pass.  I actually got off the train early.. it was a pretty day and my flight was a bit long, the walk did me some good!

I didn’t have to do anything special to my boarding pass but trim it down a smidge, and punch it for my planner.

The back of my boarding pass I use as a receipt holder.  Everything I buy, if I get a receipt goes in this pocket.

I always keep my hotel key, and utilize the key card holder as well. If you follow me on Instagram you can see how I use the key card holder to help me organize my travel things. You can find that post here.  I added some paper to the side of the key card holder, punched it and added the pocket to my planner.  It holds the key perfect and the business card of the places I ate as well.

And then that leads to the only original page in my planner that was not added in! Lots of stickers and stamps! Now this is how I document my trips in my Happy Planner.  But I do have another way I document my trips in the now..

This is my Wanderlust Passport, it travels with me everywhere.  It has a soft cover and is light weight!  It’s easy just to journal everyday and input pictures in it later.  I will put a post it in place of a pictures.. I pretty much know the size of the picture I will print out so its easy to leave room and work around that space.

It has specific prompts to help you with the factual stuff, ad then it allows you to be free!

I put stickers and any other memento I want to remember in there.

This was a sticker I made for Chicago Planner Conference to pass out as my swaps! And next to it is the tag that was on the swag bag from Shine Sticker Studio that they gifted us on the last day.

It is the perfect book to break free from all the rules, and just document.

If you want to learn more about the Wanderlust Passport you can check them out here.

Hope you enjoyed just a couple of the ways I like to document my events and travels!  Please consider attending this fabulous event next year!   If you would like to follow along more of my travel and how I document it please follow along on Instagram here.



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