Vegan eating at Bengal Barbeque in Disneyland

Disneyland is slowly but surely making it easier to find vegan options, and surprise they are not just salads!  With more people turning to a plant based lifestyle, finding meals inside Disneyland has become a lot easier!  8FD9D655-6365-4071-85A4-E72180589A43

Bengal Barbecue is a favorite of mine for a quick snack or a full meal.  Their Outback Vegetable skewer is seasoned perfectly and roasted over an open flame for a smokey flavor.  It is a great eat on the go snack.. AKA eat it while standing in line for the Indiana Jones ride!  At $4.49 it is a great steal.

Now if you are thinking.. I am so hungry I am going to need to eat 10 of those skewers  .. consider ordering the Bengal Rice Plate for $16.99.  You pick two skewers of your choice and they are served on a bed of Jasmine Rice along with a Citrus Miso Slaw, for $16.99. 

Annual Passholders you will be delighted to know they accept the food discount!  TIP:  They also have a seasonal trio of hummus and vegetables on the menu for $6.49! 


What drink can wash a meal like that down?  The Jungle Julep!  Its a mixtures of the slush of pineapple, orange, grape and lemon juice!  Colorful straw, orange slice, and a drink umbrella??  Yes, it’s an Instagram worthy drink.  Sweet, but tasty!


Now if you are at the park with meat eaters.. they can eat here too!  They have pork belly skewers, chicken skewers, bacon wrapped asparagus skewers and more!  A little something for everyone.

Bengal Barbecue, Adventureland – Disneyland.  Follow along on Instagram at Itsdisneygood for more great Disney content.

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