Valentine’s Day Crafted Gifts

If the holiday is not in your planner already… are you even ready for it?  I had a big reminder for me that Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching.  Who could not be excited for the big day when you get to see this colorful  reminder every time you open your planner!


I have nieces of all ages, and one Godson to break up the all girl mix.  Alexa, my niece is a preteen.. I can’t really get away with giving her anything to cutesy anymore.  I packed this bag to the brim with some cute Kawaii stickers from Sweet Kawaii Designs and a box of Bertie Botts jellybeans because she is a huge Harry Potter Fan.  I decorated a bag topper with a doily from Michaels, a tag from my stash, and some hot pink cord from Home Depot, (the cord has lasted me years!! ).


Now for the babies. I wanted to do something special.  The Target Dollar Spot has always done me right… they just really get us crafters now!  Years ago I had bought some of these tin mini mailboxes for my own girls for Valentine’s Day.  I had always wished I had stocked up on them because they are just so darn cute.  This year Target had them in their Dollar Spot section.  I bought the last three they had.. literally the last three.  I added their name with stickers in the front to personalize each one.


They really are a perfect size for wrapping a small gift inside, using it as a gift card holder, or if your a crafter who attends events like me… think tablemate gifts filled to the brim!


I filled the babies’ mailboxes to the brim with brightly colored handmade Valentine’s Day cards. One of my fondest memories of childhood was receiving Valentines!  I wanted them to experience a bunch of handmade cards made just for them.


The colorful rainbow tags were from Target as well.  They were in the Dollar Spot and came with teal twine. I always (unfortunately) take a gander through the Dollar Spot for some gems that can be diamonds in the rough on some projects.  I used to enter Target through the garden section way back when just to purposely avoid the Dollar Spot!  Too bad they don’t have that anymore… I might be saving thousands if they did!


I hope you take a second look at Target’s Dollar Spot… you might not need anything right now… but if you wait until later it most likely won’t be there! When everything is around a dollar hardly ever do I see someone just buying one of anything.  Hope you were able to make some colorful crafts that made you smile when you looked at them!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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