Valentine Snail Mail

Who doesn’t love a little happy mail?  Imagine this, opening up your mail box and pushing aside all of the boring junk mail and bills to see a perfectly decorated letter.  Yes, that is what I call “happy mail”!


Adding some color to both the outside of the envelope as well as the inside is key to making a fun card or letter.


Can you imagine opening up an envelope of pure joy?


Sending something as simple as stickers, a card, a postcard, a gift card  anything that will make someone smile.


You can buy some ready made note cards and just layer on top of them if you don’t want to make card bases from scratch.


Stickers have always been one of the easiest embellishments to work with.  You don’t need any adhesive, they are ready to go!  Stick them on any paper surface and watch your designs come to life.


Die-cuts or ephemera are my next favorite embellishments to use!  You can buy a pack of them, cut them out of other greeting cards you receive, clip them out of calendars, draw them yourself, or print them out from your computer! Sometimes you will find them in a paper form, a thick cardstock form, chipboard, or even a paper thin frosted velum.  I use them all!


You do not have to be a designer, an artist, or a professional crafter to make one of these happy mail creations.  Stickers, and ephemera are found in the most common places now!  The Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Spot, Stationery stores, Etsy, and you can even print them right from your home computer!


Maybe you’re not ready to make a full blown card for anyone… consider alerting a gift card to start with! This creation was gifted to me by a friend and I think its just adorable!  I have been using is as a book marker!  Something so simple can cause the biggest smile!


Try gathering some things together, and start a “Happy Mail Box” filled with things you can decorate an envelope with or better yet, make your own cards from.   Happy snail mail decorating!

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