All Hallow’s Eve

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I always look forward to my Pumpkin Patch Sessions!  You never know what the family really wants until you are right there in the moment.  The kids all dressed up in their costumes taking on the personality of their character for the afternoon.  Are they going to be in full acting mode?  Are they going to be a tad shy?  Do they want to just play in the pumpkins?  I had one of the best couple of weeks at the pumpkin patch this year.  No costume was repeated!  And best of all each child had no problem role-playing once I started shooting…. basically I shot a bunch of hams cheesing it up for me!  Thank you Snow White, Belle, Jesse, Ana, Elsa, Michel Angelo, Scary Clown Jester, Witch, Scarecrow, Minnie Mouse, Sleeping Beauty, and Malificent, I cannot wait to see what you all come up with next year!

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