Desert Vibes for the Summer

Road trips are to be had this summer!

I think one of the most quintessential summer vacations is to be had at the desert. Think Palm Springs for a minute… bright colors of the homes, the lifestyle, the sparkling pools, against that desert sand backdrop. Or what about Joshua Tree, or Death Valley? Those muted tones, the rich sunsets, and the vast desert flora… just breathtaking!

How would you document your adventures in your traveler’s notebook, planner, scrapbook or journal, using the same stamps on completely different outings? Can it be done? You bet it can!

What stamps am I working with? Social Paper Plan’s new Out West Stamp collection.

First up, Pocket Pages.

Pocket pages scrapbooking is a form of scrapbooking in smaller sections to complete a whole page. Instead of using one big 12×12 inch page as your background, you can now design in small sections, making completing pages more manageable.

Also used to compete this project was the digital download that was printed to fill in some of the pockets. Adding stickers or stamping on your pictures enhances your design as well. It truly makes creating a scrapbook less daunting with all of the things that are offered to help you create. This layout was created in less than 10 minutes.

You can chose to get creative with your design layouts as well. Because it was so effortless to create the first page, I took my time to add a few elements to this design layout. These stamps are perfect for any desert landscape, or tranquil setting.

Social Paper Plan Out West Collection

These 3×4 inch sections can be divided up into sections or your design can overflow into the next section.

Social Paper Plan Out West Collection
Social Paper Plan Out West Digital Download

Traveler’s Notebook

Designing in a traveler’s notebook layout allows you to use one or two pictures, and plenty of room for journaling or adding embellishments. They are no constraints as to what size your pictures have to be (as in the pocket page style you must use 4×6 inch or 3×4 inch photos), even though smaller is best in this case.

Social Paper Plan Out West Collection

This style allows you to focus on the main picture and work around adding embellishments to enhance your design not overtake it.

Social Paper Plan Out West Collection

You can chose to stamp directly onto your paper, or stamp onto clear sticker paper and add it to your design. I have done both here.

Planner – Memory Planning

These stamps are designed for smaller spaces, that will allow you to use them in areas like your planner, or on handmade cards or gift tags.

Social Paper Plan Out West Collection

This Out West Collection is so versatile, we just used it on our trips to Joshua Tree, Sedona, and now we are using it on a Disneyland layout.

Social Paper Plan Out West Collection

There are so many succulents and cacti all around Disney if you really look! This stamp set was absolutely perfect for this memory planning spread in my Happy Planner.

Social Paper Plan

I used the stamps as a background for this second spread. Instead of using black ink and coloring each image in, I used two different shades of green and left the outline. I like the boldness it gave the layout.

Social Paper Plan Out West Collection

Make sure to mask off the out sections when stamping your background. I used washi tape all around the page to mask off where I did not want any stamped images to be be. After removing the washi tape you are left with this stamp design.


I loved using one of the leaves design in my journal. The outline of the leaves allowed me to color in the leaves. It added a subtle look that I love!

Social Paper Plan Out West Collection

I cannot wait to try this same technique in the fall with different colors leaves.

Handmade Card

These stamps are so perfect for handmade cards! Like I mentioned before, the size of the stamps make it perfect for these projects.

Social Paper Plan

You can stamp directly on your project or stamp on clear sticker paper, either way is a win win for me!

Hope these ideas gave you some insight on how versatile this collection really is! You can find them here. Happy creating!

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