The Perfect Little Noah

  It’s a hard life when you are this cute.  You have people wanting to hold you… they stare at you… they want to touch your gorgeous curls.. they talk in a sweet little voice to you.  I personally will admit to doing all of the above whn photographing this perfect little boy.  Could youContinue reading “The Perfect Little Noah”

An Afternoon With A Kart Racer Himself… California Speedway

This fearless little guy showed me all around the track this weekend.  It amazed me how much he knew about… well everything.  This calm, cool, and collected little guy was ferocious on the track.  I was completely out of my element this weekend at The California Speedway but adjusted very well!  I can get useContinue reading “An Afternoon With A Kart Racer Himself… California Speedway”

The Cookie Project

  It’s the Cookie Project and it’s going to be awesome!  Do you know someone in Girl Scouts?  Then this is right up their ally!  We are asking Troop leaders to register their troop number with us and then the games can begin!  All they need to do is ask their friends and family to “LIKE”Continue reading “The Cookie Project”