Boys will be Boys

  This pretty much is what every little boys shoot should look like!  Just a boy playing in the dirt… looking perfect!  This little guy was adorable, and is the son of another fellow photographer friend so the pressure was on!  He helped me nail it by being so darn irresistible!  Hope your photographer isContinue reading “Boys will be Boys”

Special Families = A Special kind of Love

Something has to be said for a friendship that is over 20 years old…  I met this wonderful lady long ago in school!  Years later my very own daughter was lucky enough to be in her class and have her as a teacher.  I have watched this special lady touch so many with her loveContinue reading “Special Families = A Special kind of Love”

Cake Smashingly Clean Fun

    These pictures make me happy on so many different levels… and I’m not just saying that because she is simply adorable but because she is the happiest baby ever!!  And the cleanest baby ever… she wanted to clean her hands each time she touched her cake!  The highlight of this happy little sessionContinue reading “Cake Smashingly Clean Fun”