Like Mother Like Daughter

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Like mother like daughter… this dynamic duo is just meant to be.  They are the perfect example of family love. When you watch them interact with each other you see kindness, gentleness, respect, and admiration towards one another.  They have a special bond these two and it’s only going to blossom into something more special as time goes on.  Keep loving on each other you two!!

Just a Family and their Boo

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This session was special on so many different levels, where do I begin?  This family is an active, funny, animal loving bunch.  They love each other so much they even work out together.. yes they are crazy strong.  But lets take a minute and talk about their girls… Jordan and Boo.  They are both gorgeous, super sweet, easy on the eyes, and most important… they are best friends.   How could you look at those sweet faces and ever tell them no?  Mom and Dad I am sure struggle with that everyday.. I would be total putty in their hands.   Jordan has confessed when she goes to college Boo is going with her, I honestly can’t blame her.  You can never get between a girl and her dog.  Jordan… be sure to give me your address when you go to college I will be sending Boo some treats!

A Star named Little Miss D

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I met Jonathan and Brittany one afternoon for a session… out of the car pops the most angelic little girl ever; and then she spoke.  Oh my goodness she is awesome.  Little Miss D kept me entertained throughout the whole session.  She had tips for me, poses she wanted to do, stories to tell, jokes to be told, directions for mom and dad, and more.  She is a sensation and she doesn’t even know it.  To be young and adventurous… you just can’t teach personality.  This kid had the makings of a star, gorgeous looks, an energetic personality, and boy can she twirl!!!  Families like this make sessions feel more like playdates.  Keep twirling Miss D, you are going to rise right up to the top!!

Bow ties, Levis, and Dreamy Eyes

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I can’t even begin to tell you how I would love to switch places with Lisa, the mom of these boys.  Three boys!  It is the complete opposite of what I have.  Just to be a fly on the wall in her house would be exciting.  Never a dull moment for this mom and dad.  All three of her boys are cursed with good looks… and when I say cursed I mean they will just have to bat one little eyelash and you will be eating out of the palms of their hands.  One look in their eyes and you will see all the excitement, curiosity, and happiness their parents provide for them.  All the expressions you see in the photos are genuine emotion… some were when we promised M&M’s but the majority were just because they were happy to be outside… simple boys.  Arrgggg, I love them and their dreamy eyes so much!!!  I better seriously get grandsons one day, preferably ones like the Shafor boys!

Strolling the Orange Groves of La Verne

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We met on a crisp late fall morning, at one of the cutest little vintage homesteads ever.  What you can clearly see while looking through these pictures is love.  The love of a daddy’s girl, the love of a between a mother and daughter, the love between two protective older brothers with their baby sister.  This adorable little girl with the cutest dimples not only has everyone wrapped around her finger but is also crazy spoiled in love, as she should be.   Watching this family interact was so spectacular, all the little enduring gestures with each other were so real and genuine.  I cannot wait to watch the sibling relationship grow between these three.  I am warning you… you are going to want to pinch some major baby checks after looking at these pictures… I’m just sayin’.

And Baby Makes 4

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I have never met a dog with so many facial expressions….ever.  Bella the white fur dog literally had so many expressions I was amazed.  I didn’t even post a quarter of them!


This little family has a big surprise coming soon… a new baby!  Big sister is ready and mom & dad are beside themselves with joy.  I know, I know, she probably gets tired of everyone telling her how tiny she is, and how she doesn’t even look pregnant… you would too right?  NOT!!!  I would be all over that!!  Tell me again how petite I am… those would be the words coming out of my mouth!  Lucky girl she is!


Somehow she manages to spread her love between her daughter, husband and those beloved fur babies… (that’s probably how she keeps in such great shape… spreading the love!) and yet still makes everyone feel like they are her #1.


Stay tuned for the sweetest gender reveal session from these two as well!