Love lives here…..

These are not pictures of a newly engaged couple, these are pictures of love still going strong. This is what years of being married looks like… not much different from newly engaged couples huh?  When love is true love it looks the same.  He still picks her up to embrace her.  She still is excitedContinue reading “Love lives here…..”

Love is in the air

I wanted to ask this couple how if felt to be so perfect?  My goodness they were flawless.  The strapping young man was like 6’5 and she is just a little bit shorter than him.  Just kidding she is the most tiniest petite little thing ever!!!  She could practically fit in his pocket!  This madeContinue reading “Love is in the air”

This is what loves looks like….

This handsome fellow had a plan and his gorgeous girlfriend was falling right into it.  She had contacted me for a Christmas session, they wanted a good picture for their Christmas card.  He contacts me and arranges a little meeting with me cause he wanted something more than a Christmas picture, he wanted me toContinue reading “This is what loves looks like….”

Valentine’s Day Special

Love is in the air!  We are offering our Valentine’s Day special… 30 minutes 30 images.  Yep!!  Mix it and match if you want!  Get a picture of the kids.. maybe one of you and your sweetheart and if we have time bring your dog or that favorite furry friend too!  Whatever we can fitContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Special”

As graceful as a dancer…

  Their has to be something said about a girl and her passion.  When dedication and talent collide you can find heart and soul.  This talented young woman has beauty, brains, and talent all packed into her little frame.  She has poured her life into something so graceful as moving her body to music.  IContinue reading “As graceful as a dancer…”

Sweet Baby #2 Love

  Maternity sessions are some of my favorite sessions.  The excitement is easy to capture on camera, and there is no mistaking the love for one another.  Emotions that are genuine are best for capturing a memory.  There are no awkward smiles, no forced poses, just real feelings.  This happy couple was expecting baby numberContinue reading “Sweet Baby #2 Love”