This is what loves looks like….

tina. k tina. k tina. k tina. k tina. k tina. k tina. k tina. k tina. k tina. k tina. k


This handsome fellow had a plan and his gorgeous girlfriend was falling right into it.  She had contacted me for a Christmas session, they wanted a good picture for their Christmas card.  He contacts me and arranges a little meeting with me cause he wanted something more than a Christmas picture, he wanted me to photograph his proposal to her.  After a trip to her family’s home to ask her father for his daughter’s hand, picking up the ring and securing it in a safe location, and ironing out every detail of how the proposal was going to go down, they day finally arrived.  The location was perfect she kept talking about how it reminded her of her hometown of Ojai.  The sun was setting.  Everything was in place.  And then it happened.. one of the most sweetest proposals ever.  She said yes.  She was beyond ecstatic.  My ears are still ringing from her shouts of joy!  They will live happily ever after because he loves her more than life itself.

Make a memory.

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