The Bags I Travel With

Must Have Bags

We all have to start somewhere right?  Why not with the bags you travel with!  First off, I never leave home without my Tumi carry on.  It fits all my outfits, shoes, and cosmetic bags with room for shopping.  How does this magic happen? With a Tumi you can pack your items on both sides of the suitcase…. not just one side and then you zip it closed. Two full packing compartments people!!!  Don’t quite understand?  You must see it for yourself to understand.  Visit a Tumi store, or outlet store.  They are pricy but so worth it.  They even have their own GPS on the luggage so you will know where it is at all times.  My Dad got me my first Tumi for Christmas one year (and another one since then) and now I am a huge fan.  I have spotted them at the Nordstrom Rack too, so keep your eyes peeled for these.  Don’t even get me started on the swivel and how easy it is to push this thing around!  Go give it a swirl.IMG_8248


My next go to bag is my Betsey Johnson backpack.  Any backpack will work… I like to keep my hands free, and a backpack is perfect!  It has so many different compartments, pockets and zippers, it is just perfect. I picked a Betsey bag because it is just so darn cute not to carry around!  I found mine at Marshalls, but you can find Betsey at any major department store.


You need to have a few different cosmetic bags to separate your toiletries.  I have three small zipper pouches.  One for my toiletries like my toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, deodorant, etc.  The next one is only for my make up.  The last one is for my hair accessories, bobby’s, rubber bands, and headbands.  Once again I could not refuse any Betsey Johnson bag.  They are durable and come in a million different patterns and sizes.  Look at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross to find some at a great price.


My last favorite must have bag is a laundry bag!  I keep my clean clothes far away from my dirty clothes!!  It makes it easy to just come home and dump them in the washing machine!  I also stick a couple of dryer sheets in there to keep it smelling somewhat fresh (if dirty clothes can smell fresh).  I have from time to time put a bar of soap int there when I didn’t have a dryer sheet on hand.  I got mine from the Container Store and I love it.


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