EHS Dance Company Indoor Photography Part 2 web3467 web3517 web3519 webedit3520 web2723 web2713


This is part two of my helpful tricks & tips for indoor photography.  Part one you can find here.

After already taking pictures during the rehearsal the night before, I switched things up a bit.  I sat on the opposite side I did the night before.  I also scored a front row seat!  That is rare at these shows so I was stoked!  Because I was so close I was than able to switch to my 35mm prime lens one of my most favorite lenses ever! A prime lens is a lens that does not zoom.  I use it in almost all of my portrait photography.  The night before the lens I used was an 85 mm, and a 11-16 mm lens for the wide angle shots.  The show was amazing and I captured about 225 images… would love to share with you all 225 but I am only showing you some of my favorites.   Keep practicing everyone!

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